Rest House Bagan Lalang

Bagan Lalang is situated in Sepang district, Selangor is a place of rest / recreation / dining not far from Kuala Lumpur. It is located 35 km away from the Sepang F1 Circuit and 90km from Kuala Lumpur. Trip to Bagan Lalang beach can be made through the Elite Highway through the entrance and exit toll at the Jalan Duta Toll KLIA, or through the North South Expressway through the toll and exit at the Sungai Besi Toll Value / Pajam / Sepang. In addition, with the Highway KL ~ Putrajaya, you can out of Putrajaya, and directly overlooking the airport and next to Bagan Lalang beach. 

For bookings please contact :

Tel: 019-3137042


In pictures include indoor and outdoor space for the information gentlemen.

The margin of the corner lot homes (houses semi-d with a total land area of ​​6400 sq ft)
Banana trees, lemon grass and pandan for BBQ
Backyard BBQ area with 2 tables 10 chairs
Main Rooms With a Bathroom (for 3 people, including a pull out)
Futures Division Rest House
Photos around the house to rest. There is considerable scope for parking for a semi-D houses and lots edge. Does not disturb neighbors for family activities. THIS HOUSE IS LEASED FOR ONLY Muslims. We're sorry.

Residential Address: No 56, Jalan Sri Bayu 2, Bagan Lalang, Sepang Selangor.

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FaizahJamaluddin said...

how much is the rate per night?

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