Pesona Bayu Rest House

Bagan Lalang was previously the left coast. After a long time, now with the airport, the Sepang F1 Circuit and a beautiful resort was established. Sepang Gold Coast is now dwell. Very beautiful scenery.
A very relaxing getaway.
The interior of the airport.
If you want to tease ditepian beach with a low budget and go with the family, I recommend the rest house is the solution (PESONA BAYU). Enchantment is a rest house in Taman Seri Bayu, about 200m from the beach Bagan Lalang. Close to the Hotel Sri Malaysia. Nearest town is PEKAN SUNGAI PELIK. With a car it only takes about 30 minutes away from the international airport. This rest house is equipped with three air-conditioned bedrooms, ample kitchen, BBQ area, ASTRO and peaceful atmosphere. The rental rate for a day is cheaper than the hotels in the environment. It is perfect for families.

Enquiries can be directed to Ms. Said Bt. Samsiah 013-7792486. Of course, you will feel the satisfaction of your family holiday with a cheap budget.

Another advantage of home break wind charm you and your family feel at home. You can do activities at home. Among the activities you can do at home preparing breakfast or lunch and dinner while you are in vacation mode.

Well worth the cost conscious and enjoy the holiday. Vacation value for your money.

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