Pantai Bagan Lalang Semi-D House for Rent Daily

House Lounges 

Location : No. 21 Sri Bayu 7, Taman Sri Bayu, Sungai Pelik, Selangor, Malaysia 
Neighborhood : Bagan Lalang 
Price : RM 250

House Homestay accommodation in Bagan Lalang beach. 

House Category: Semi D, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom


  •  Main Room
  • 1 queen bed
  • 1 bathroom
  • Rooms to 2
  • 1 Queen bed
  • Single Bed Room to 3-2.
  • Kitchen-cabinet microwave 
  • freezer
  • crockery 
  • cooker.
Dining table with 6 chairs.

Automatic Washing Machine.

Sofa and TV 29 Inch.

ASTRO-only decoder is provided. Customers are encouraged to bring their own ASTRO card.

Any questions may contact:
 Mr. Haris Maizon 0196634032 or  0126318901

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