Leave temporary congestion, noise and dust of the coloring of your life. Avoid stress and calm your mind with a visit Bayu Permai Chalet in :

NO 16, JALAN SRI Bayu 3,
Taman Sri Bayu, Bagan Lalang 43950 Sungai Pelik,
Sepang Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Bayu Permai Chalet offers a peaceful, harmonious and suitable for a holiday and relax with the family to foster family relationships. 

Located close to Bagan Lalang beach and tourist locations are known to increase in Sepang, Selangor. The chalet has three bedrooms (complete with air conditioning) and two bathrooms. The chalet is also equipped with furniture, TV, DVD, Refrigerator and the gas stove and cooking equipment including barbecue equipment. All rooms and rooms decorated with cheerful colors are attractive and refreshing. 

Environment different room ... exciting. More interesting are two bicycles available for the coast to enjoy fresh air ..... Bayu Permai Chalet offers an affordable price:
  • RM 200.00 night for Weekend Leave (check out Friday and Saturday / check out Saturday and Sunday), Public Holidays and School Holidays. 
  • RM 180.00 pernight on normal working days. 
For reservations please contact:
Maj (R) Ruslan bin Hj Abdul Ghani;
Tel: 019-2335135 / 012-9180850 

Experience VACATION WITH INTERESTING loved ones not to be unforgettable! Visit the Wind Tower ......


Anonymous said...


Fadil said...

buat2 faham la walaupun aku tak faham gak .. haha what the meanings of "check out friday and saturday"? huhuh and RM 180.00 yesterday on normal working days. .. aku faham maksud dia nih ,,

Anonymous said...

maknanya semalam on je rm180, dia nk sebut rm180 per night, kalo semlm maksudnye yesterday la hehehehe, what a bad english

Anonymous said...

"void the stress and tenangkanlah mind...."
baik guna BM jer! gambar pun nak tipu, letak gambar PD!

fuziahmahadi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Oh My English! hehehhe

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tak baik ketawakan mereka. Apa kata kalau bahasa English anda sangat hebat, buatkan script utk Bayu Permai Chalet ni guna. Jadi takde la lagi org akan kata BAD English.

Anonymous said...

setuju....tak malu ke kita nk kutuk orang, dia lagi maju dari kita sebab dah ada bisnes...sapa yang rasa dia terror english tu, contact je lah owner utk betulkan....bukan susah pun

Anonymous said...

Wat wat paham udah , er

Anonymous said...

kalau salah perbetulkn bukan mngutuk. tak semua yg pandai berjaya dlm hidup..

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